About Us

We’re not sure what’s inspired us more over the years; our friendship, our creativity or our travels.

We wanted to reach a place in life where we were able to combine all of the above by doing something we love and have passion for.

We originally only started out to produce a few T- shirt designs for our close friends who had seen some of our other printed artwork. Then the demand snowballed so we decided to fully embrace starting a business to share the designs we had created.

Growing up in the 80s we had experienced so many seminal movie and pop culture moments it’s really served as wealth of inspiration for us to draw upon. We try to continually reflect this in our designs today.

So how about that crazy name guys? Well we’re glad you asked! We spent years travelling the globe for business and pleasure and one of our favourite destinations is Japan and our favourite eastern metropolis, Kyoto.

This city has such a rich heritage of producing fine textiles so we thought it only fitting to name our brand after a place of artisan craft. The thread part because of clothing construction and the lab well, because that’s where we while away the hours trying new designs fuelled by caffeine and green tea! So now you know Kyoto-thread-lab.

If you’ve made it this far congrats! We’re glad you like our gear and we like to thank everyone for their continued support.

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